Brewing Reviews

 I love everything about this!! You betta find your own lane!! This is fire! Keep going, it's working!! - Nakia 

I love your coffee, keep doing your thing Queen! - Quanna

I'm about to order more. It's sooo good! - Danielle

I just made my first batch of coffee after purchasing from the Pancakes and Booze Show...GIRL, this coffee is AMAZING! I will surely be buying more regularly. - Carly

Hi Dionna. I am a BELIEVER! I love the coffee you sent, the low-tone of chocolate is very fine. Sincere thanks to you! - Beth 

Package was delivered this morning. That candle smells like HEAVEN. Seriously, I have done so many candle collabs these past few years and this one is my FAVORITE!- Katie 

Just had me a cup of that Uptown I purchased from you yesterday and wow! Loved every sip! - Nate 

I can't wait to try that Mango Rose!- Tina 

I love this tea. It's the perfect for the morning or evening! -Krystal 

For the past 2 weeks this coffee has bee the start of my day! -Dawn

Your Uptown Dark Roast is family fave! Thank you for a tasteful coffee! -Andy Fox

Have you tried Bold and Beautiful Coffee Bar? This tea drinking girl is turning into a coffee lover! - Jennifer 

The is the best candle I have ever burned. Smells AMAZING. My coworker and friend started her own small business. Started with delicious coffees and now has tea and a line of coffee bar inspired candles. Support small businesses. Check her out. - Dori