We appreciate your continued support and patience as we are in a transitional phase for our coffees. During this time. you may shop all other inventory along with reading our new coffee descriptions on what's to come under the "Hot Brews" tab. Our goal is to offer some of the best coffee this world has to offer. Therefore, we apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for understanding.

Brewing Reviews

 I love everything about this!! You betta find your own lane!! This is fire! Keep going, it's working!! - Nakia 

I love your coffee, keep doing your thing Queen! - Quanna

I'm about to order more. It's sooo good! - Danielle

I just made my first batch of coffee after purchasing from the Pancakes and Booze Show...GIRL, this coffee is AMAZING! I will surely be buying more regularly. - Carly

Hi Dionna. I am a BELIEVER! I love the coffee you sent, the low-tone of chocolate is very fine. Sincere thanks to you! - Beth 

Package was delivered this morning. That candle smells like HEAVEN. Seriously, I have done so many candle collabs these past few years and this one is my FAVORITE!- Katie 

Just had me a cup of that Uptown I purchased from you yesterday and wow! Loved every sip! - Nate 

I can't wait to try that Mango Rose!- Tina 

I love this tea. It's the perfect for the morning or evening! -Krystal 

For the past 2 weeks this coffee has bee the start of my day! -Dawn

Your Uptown Dark Roast is family fave! Thank you for a tasteful coffee! -Andy Fox

Have you tried Bold and Beautiful Coffee Bar? This tea drinking girl is turning into a coffee lover! - Jennifer 

The is the best candle I have ever burned. Smells AMAZING. My coworker and friend started her own small business. Started with delicious coffees and now has tea and a line of coffee bar inspired candles. Support small businesses. Check her out. - Dori