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Bold + Beautiful Like Our Ancestors


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Your website along with your coffee are both absolutely amazing!


I think you're on to something, this is delicious!

C. Jackson

It's GREAT coffee.. worthy of sharing!

N. Wright

The Chocolate City Roast is amazingly bold in taste!

D. Parks

I LOOVVED the packaging and coffee. Definitely gift-worthy!

C. Black

I received Bold and Beautiful Coffee Bar's Uptown as a gift. It was a wonderful surprise!! The smooth, rich, chocolate notes make this a coffee lovers dream. I cannot wait to try some other blends.

Ms. Gretchen

I am not a daily coffee drinker, but when I do want coffee, I am definitely shopping with you. This taste sooo good!

S. Tucker

Thanks again for joining us at the market on Sunday. I had a cup of the Chocolate City yesterday and the Uptown this morning... & although both were delicious , I have to say Uptown is my favorite!

Rebecca Bailey

Finally tried the coffee I got from you at the H Street Festival & it is AMAZING!

Hannah Simone